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Find Driivers worldwide with our ride hailing app who provide chauffeured private car transfers. Interested in joining our Driivers program? Our new platform is currently in beta. Contact Us to sign up to be one of our beta testers.

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Ride Hailing

Ride Hailing, or ridesharing, has become a part of a lot of our lives now. We believe that connecting passengers to passionate drivers using cutting edge technology makes all the difference.

Who We Are

Driivers is a new technology brought to you by We’ve been in the transportation business for over 18 years and we’ve helped millions of people get to and from the airport.

The Road Ahead

At Driivers we aim to build not only superior technology, but also superior relationships with our customers and our drivers.

Driivers (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is different about Driivers?

Driivers is a brand new ride sharing/ride hailing app with a twist. We recognize the need for people to get a ride quickly while still wanting to feel secure. That’s why our goal is to match riders with professional driivers who are fully licensed and insured and are following industry standard safety precautions so that our riders can feel at ease no matter what time of the day or night they need a ride. We treat our driivers as our partners and not as our employees, so they genuinely enjoy working with us and it shows.

02. How do I download the Driivers app?

This is an easy one. Visit us at the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and click download to install the app on your mobile device. You can download our Driivers app for either driivers or riders here.

01. How do I pay for my ride?

You’ll pay for your ride when you book through the app via credit card. The rate is predetermined so there won’t be any surprises. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride.

02. Can I get a ride to or from the airport?

Absolutely! When you search our app for a ride to or from the airport you’ll be matched up with a driver who is licensed and authorized to pick up or drop off at the airport. If you’d prefer to pre-book your airport ride you may do so via our partner website.

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